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Lifeforce~Harmonious Healing for People and Pets Open the site

Lifeforce~ Harmonious Healing for People and Pets is a healing place for the body mind and spirit. Using a combination of advanced energy therapies, intuitive emotional healing, essential oils and massage, Lifeforce energy assists to balance the body systems, offers pain reduction, deep relaxation, and calming the soul. Blessings, treatments, and classes are offered in person and also long distance.
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Health, Naturally Open the site

35+ yrs of effective, caring treatments: Polarity Therapy alone. Swedish Massage alone. Swedish Massage combined with Polarity Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or Myofascial Release.
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Polarity Healthcare Open the site

Polarity Healthcare offers training in some of the most powerful and effective holistic therapies including polarity therapy, craniosacral therapy, meridian therapy and touch for health kinesiology. These classes are designed (or re-designed) especially for massage therapists, nurses and other health professionals. Most are approved for continuing education hours. Please visit our primary website at
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